Microtecnica Profile Projectors

HeliosV 350

Proven, fully developed technology in combination with Auswert electronics provide  absolute assurance of performance.

Since 1940 the name Microtecnica has been synonymous with the concept of profile measurement.

The results of decades of development cannot be surpassed.

The fact that over 10,000 systems have been supplied provided to more than 50 countries world speaks for itself .

The diameter of the profile  image ranges from 350  to 1,000 mm depending on the vertical magnification selected for the particular application.

The benefits of the high quality mechanics were extended by incorporation of the M -Touch Auswerte system. Using this, geometric forms  such as lines circles and profiles are clearly identified so that radii, corners and distances can be measured in an instant.

Likewise, by measuring a master reference piece and comparing with production components,  trends can easily be determined allowing immediate and close control of the production process.

The network storage facility allows long term storage and retrieval of production data.


  • Robust construction designed for the workshop
  • Large screen providing clear sharp images
  • Intuitive software with automatic edge recognition
  • Easy calibration of the edge recognition light sensor
  • Auswerte electronics with touchscreen,USB, WLAN and networking  capability
  • Horizontal and vertical versions available
  • Intuitive icons  minimises learning time

Detailed information is available in the brochure Microtecnica Profileprojectors