Length-Measuring System for Retrofitting and New Equipment

BC-01 Uniaxial Digital Measuring Display

The BC-01 model is your cheapest option when measuring linear movements.

The bright LED-segment display provides clarity when reading, and can be freely configured. This device can be used with the length display or when reading angle measurements (BC-01).

The incremental display system from the BC-01 and our TMLS-reading heads can be referenced by an external magnet. Therefore it's possible to have fixed machine coordinates. It's also possible to 'zero' coordinates at any position.

The electricity supply is accomplished with the included 9V powerplug.

The display processes from 5V TTL-signal up to 150kHz in the standardized version, and with the HS-version there is a sensor sampling of 650kHz. The display is also available in biaxial (BC2001) and triaxial (BC3001) models.


Digital Position Display

Innovative solution in the area of the digital position indicator. 7" Color-touchscreen. Graphic and visual functions, intuitive service, only the most relevant functions on the display are available.

Use with finger or stylis pen that comes in the package.

Up to four axis can be locked in.

The pre-programmed modes for a lathe, mill, or chassis enables simple management and also the clearing from Z and Z0-axis for the longitudinal feed of a lathe.



Magnetic Linear Signaler

The reading heads are wear-free and are up to IP67 resistant against dirt and fluids.

The three Meter metal protection hose from the supply prevents damages.

Measurement lengths up to 25m are possible and thus in the device building with big measuring sections are very useful.

The airgap between magnet strip and reading head can amount up to 2.5mm. The resolution of the variety of sensors goes from 25µ up to 1µ.


Magnetic strips for TMLS Magnetic Reading Heads


The magnetic strips are the basis to be able to measure positions from magnetic linear signal transmitters.

The MT Magnet strip has a self-adhesive backside (Width 10mm, Thickness 1.4mm, maximum length 25m).

The benefits that this system presents are the very simple installations (it is top priority to have products in great condition) and naturally the cheap price.

To further protect the strips against oil fog, coolants, and sharp shavings, we recommend that our Aluminium profile (AP) are to be used.




BC-02 Batteriepowered Length Indicator with Sensor


The BC-02 device is a universal digital position indicator, due to the magnet that is tightly bound to it.

The display can as shown be placed directly on a carriage with the built-in sensor, place with carriage and 1.5m supply or sensor without guide.

The display still remembers the current value even when it turns off. The precision of the system is with 20µm very applicable with hits, cross-cut saws, or press brakes.

When in regular use, AA batteries will last at least half of a year to work the display.


TRME-1 Rotary Encoder

Angle encoders can also be used with length measurement to measure angle positions or the pitch of a spindle.

The rotary encoder can be used with angle, length, or speed detection.

The TRME1 and TRME2 encoders have a resolution of 1024 and 4096 (PPR) - delivered pulses per revolution.

The rotary encoders are matched with the protection class IP65, and therefore built for rough conditions.



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Katalog Tigre Längenmesssysteme
Einbauanleitung TMLS Leseköpfe
Programmieranleitung Anzeigegeräte der BC-Serie(BC-01, BC-2001, BC-3001)
Programmieranleitung Anzeigegeräte der BC-xx-HS-Serie(BC-01-HS, BC-2001-HS, BC-3001-HS)
Programmieranleitung BC-02
Adapter für TMLS Leseköpfe
Bedienungsanleitung TS-MAX
PC-Interface Type PC-02
Auswertesoftware TigrePC für PC-Interface

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