Coordinate Measurement Technology

As a representative of the company MORA Metrology GmbH, we have on our website an enterprise that has been active for more than 100 years.

Mora is one of the most important provider in coordinate, measuring, and milling machines. The company holds itslef at a stable construct and high precision performance level and are just as useful in workshops as they are in the laboratory.

Product Selection

Bridge-type Measuring Machine - Primus

A completely new machine conception in lightweight construction with improved highly dynamic engines. A technically innovative measuring machine of the newest generation. The enclosed guide way components guarantee dirt-resistance together with a compact machine construction. Depending on the required measurement, the machine type Primus is applied in standard or higher accuracy.





Layout Measuring Machine - MyTos

A premium class column type measuring machine which was designed for large measuring volumes of industrial metrology. MμTos possesses both maximum performance and provides highly precise measuring results. Measuring machines can be delivered in duplex version to enlarge the volume to be measured. The completely encapsulated guideways permit use in production without any problems.




Production Measuring Machine - Pico

A highly precise linear guide way system combined with highly dynamical engines make Pico the ideal measuring place in the production area. The complete housing of guiding elements as well as a compensation of thermal fluctuations provide maximum protection against detrimental effects due to production. Due to its compact construction, an airconditioned room won’t be required!





Optical Measuring Machine - Focus

The common feature of the optical measuring instruments of the Focus series, is a highly-precise working measuring system in compact construction. The Focus model is an effective 2D measuring device for picture measuring due to its optics in high quality and easily comprehensible operation.





Multi-sensor Machine - Quantus

 Quantus provides the possibility to measure your objects with the greatest variety in measuring systems, including tactile, scanning, optical, or via laser scanner. 





Milling Machines - Studio Mill-5

MORA Milling Technology combines the possibility to measure, digitize and later or parallel process your 3D-model in one single device. MORA Milling machines have been especially developed for processing soft materials such as clay, hard and soft foams, polystyrene and similar materials. MORA Mill conception distinguishes itself by a solid machine construction combined with high flexibility of milling resp. measuring systems as well as maximum insensibility against dirt. 



Software / Inca3D

User-friendly desktop with modular structure. Measuring of geometric and free-formed surfaces are located all in one measuring program. Graphical programming and display of different measuring steps. Special functions include: pallet measuring, programming functions, and pipe measuring programs.