Triebworx T4HD - high definition metrology

T4HD - Contour and Roughness measurement in one stroke

4-Axis-CNC-Contour- and Roughness measurement

There's no substitution for experience!

The Triebworx development team has expertise in developing contour machines and evaluation software for customer satisfaction for many years.

Integration of precisison metrology is key to achieving high quality standards in production. The user friendly, process oriented application software, enables the end user to generate results with minimum delay. Each measurement automatically generates a program sequence, minimizing the possibility for human error. Repeatability and reproducibility tests or serial part measurements are achieved in minimum time. Errors associated with incorrect tracing arms are eliminated as the relevant calibration data is automatically applied in the USB stick placed in the measurement arm in use.

The fully automated calibration includes the tip geometry - eliminating the need to constantly verify the tip condition.



Optimized for the shop floor:

  • Fully automated calibration process
  • Automatic recognition of stylus arm
  • Multi-part measurements
  • Automated localization of zenith in Y-axis
  • 3-D evaluation software
  • Roughness evaluation according to DIN ISO

Technical Data:

Stroke (X, Z, Y):
Measurement speed:
Positioning speed:
Accuracy (X/Z-diagonal):
max load capacity of table:
size of table:
total weight:
200x205x20 mm
0,25 - 3,5mm/s
+/- ( 1+ L /100[ mm] )[µm]
25 kg
45 kg


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