FlexCal - Flex Gauge:

FlexCalThe future of automated measurement.

The FlexCal is a robust measuring machine for flexible and precise evaluation of 2D forms and profiles. This novel approach combines the advantages of Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM) and traditional contour measurement machines.

The unmatched speed in combination with CMM measurement method overcomes the limitations of conventional 2D systems.

With a FlexCal, complicated fixtures to measure angles and radii with negative contact angles are unnecessary. Highest accuracy and repeatability is achievable in any and all directions!



  • Exact and reproducible results through air bearings in all axes
  • Highly flexible through the use of standard Renishaw styli or customized styli
  • Extendable to up to six axes to fullfill all requirements to measure components
  • Simple measurement of serial parts including "learn mode" during first measurement
  • Intuitive 3D software including universal functions
  • CAD files can be used as basis for programming and part comparison
  • "One click operation" with customized front end available
  • Automatic selection of the appropriate program through part recognition

Technical Data (of pictured machine):

Points per sec:
max payload:
160x160 mm
0,1 µm
(1 + L/300) µm (mit TP20)
0,7 µm
6 kg 


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Application videos:

Measurement of watch plates in a tray for 3 parts with two TP100:

Automatic program creation by given parameters and evalutation of gears:

Measurement of Constant Velocity Joints (CV-joints):

Measurement of Ballbearings - with automatic program selection depending on the part: